Writing A Book – All You Need To Know

I want to write a book, can you help me?! 

Writing a book can be an extremely daunting process. When you know you want to write a book but have no idea where to start or what you truly need to do. Today we are going to share with you all you need to know about writing a book!

The First Paragraph Is Always The Hardest!

It is without a doubt that the first paragraph of any writing project is always the most difficult. The paragraph that will take you the longest is always the first paragraph! So, don’t worry if you are writing a book and it seems to be taking you months to start your first paragraph. This is completely normal, and one day it will just come to you!

Working Backwards Is Normal! 

For every story writer, working backward is normal. With most authors knowing how they want their story to end, yet not how they want it to begin. Sometimes writing the ending is the best way to start. Soon the rest of the story will just begin to flow.

It Will Cost You Money!

You may be wondering, how on earth can writing a story cost me money. Well, it costs you money as soon as you come to the point where you wish to publish. With you needing to pay someone to publish and print your book for you! You will also need to hire a proofreader or editor to ensure that your story flows. Checking on all your spelling and grammar as it would be a shame to publish something with mistakes!

Just let your creativity flow!

No matter what, when writing any story, just let your creativity flow. Write down whatever you are thinking. Jot down notes for your story as and when they come to you! You never know when your mind will spark the perfect idea.