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Gaining Reviews As A Self-Published Author

Self-publishing your book can be an exciting time, especially with there being many ways to do it, Amazon being the most common. But gaining reviews as a self-publish author can be challenging. So, today we are going to share with you some of our top tips for gaining reviews as a self-publish author.

Create Relationships With Followers

One of the best ways to gain reviews on your self-published book is to create a relationship with your followers. It is likely that through the process of writing your book you have been advertising in one way or another to get yourself known. Use this relationship you have made to gain reviews on your book.

Simply Ask People
If people you know have purchased your book, ask them if they will leave a review on Amazon or your own website/page about your book. By simply asking, people are more likely to leave a review for you as they will see how much it means to you.

Create A Social Media Post
Creating a social media post is a great way to gain reviews. A lot of people do not understand how reviews can help a self-published author. So, if you share with them honestly how this will help you, people who then purchase your book are more than likely going to leave a review.

Reviews are important for any author, more so for self-published authors. So, do all you can to build those relationships and gain those reviews. If you make an effort yourself to gain those reviews, you will see an improvement in the number of reviews you gain. Just remember, some people may not be as kind as you would imagine.