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Simple Ways To Get Your Children’s Book Out There

When you are an author, the main worry is getting your children’s book out into the world once it is published. You may believe that just publishing your book will get it seen and will get you customers, but this is not the case. You need to work hard to get your book seen by the public. So here are some simple ways to get you started.

When you have written a children’s book, you want to be seen by both parents, children, and teachers. So one of the easiest ways to get your book seen by these people is by contacting local schools. If you offer schools a free copy of your book, they can share this and get your name out there.

You should also attend children’s events as an author stall. If you know of any festivals, schools fetes or anything where children will be, go to them! By having a stall with copies of your books, you will be able to sell them, you will be able to show your face and interact with your audience. Helping to boost your name and your book.