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Preparing For My First Book Event

Attending your first book event as a published author can be a scary process. With you not being sure what to take and how to answer any questions. So, let us share with you some ideas to help you prepare.

Firstly, think about your book. If you are attending an event, it is a great time to make sales on your book. So, gather a few copies of your books, depending on how big your event is you may want to bulk buy them. You can then sell these to those who seem interested in your story.

You should also think about sharing your details. Business cards are a great way to do this. You can include links to where your book can be purchased and contact details.

Finally, when you need to answer questions. Try to not overthink it. Just be yourself and remember to keep your main story a surprise. This will help people to connect with you and be intrigued by your book.

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