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Gaining Reviews As A Self-Published Author

Self-publishing your book can be an exciting time, especially with there being many ways to do it, Amazon being the most common. But gaining reviews as a self-publish author can be challenging. So, today we are going to share with you some of our top tips for gaining reviews as a self-publish author.

Create Relationships With Followers

One of the best ways to gain reviews on your self-published book is to create a relationship with your followers. It is likely that through the process of writing your book you have been advertising in one way or another to get yourself known. Use this relationship you have made to gain reviews on your book.

Simply Ask People
If people you know have purchased your book, ask them if they will leave a review on Amazon or your own website/page about your book. By simply asking, people are more likely to leave a review for you as they will see how much it means to you.

Create A Social Media Post
Creating a social media post is a great way to gain reviews. A lot of people do not understand how reviews can help a self-published author. So, if you share with them honestly how this will help you, people who then purchase your book are more than likely going to leave a review.

Reviews are important for any author, more so for self-published authors. So, do all you can to build those relationships and gain those reviews. If you make an effort yourself to gain those reviews, you will see an improvement in the number of reviews you gain. Just remember, some people may not be as kind as you would imagine.


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The Costs With Self-Publishing

One question we are always asked is ‘ what costs are there with self-publishing a book?’ Well, the truth is that the costs depend on you and what you are happy to do yourself, and what quality you want your book to be.

If you are a writer, then it is likely you want to write your own book. Whatever this may be about, you will always think that your writing is always the best it could be. But, you may want to consider hiring an editor, as they will be able to proofread your work before publication. This is one cost you may encounter.

Another cost that may need to be considered is whether you need an illustrator. Not everyone who writes a book will want fancy illustrations. But some people may need the help, especially those writing children’s books. This is likely to be the most expensive cost you will face as illustrations do take a lot of time to create.

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Writing A Book Fears Answered

A lot of first time authors have a lot of fears to do with writing their first book. Well, I am here to answer the most common fears for you, helping to make your first book writing experience a dream.

What If I Can’t Think Of A Title?
One of the most common worries in the book publishing world is wondering what will happen if you cannot think of a title for your book. You DO NOT need to worry about this at all! Some of the best books from the best authors have their titles chosen after most of if not all of the book has been written! Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration before sticking to a title!

What If I Make A Spelling Error?
Spelling errors are extremely common in the book publishing industry and any writing industry for that matter. This is why people proofread their work and will hire an editor to double-check things over. So do not worry, after hours upon hours of writing a story, the first draft will always be full of little spelling and grammar errors. They can easily be fixed before publishing.

What If No One Wants To Buy My Book?

Another common fear, the lack of sales. Now becoming an author is a huge step and you should only write a book because you want to. If you are writing a book to make money then you should reconsider. Publishing a book should be something that you love to do. The making money side of it is just an extra. Anyway, with the right advertisement, you will always find somebody who wants to purchase your book at the right price.

Writing a book is great fun. Just remember to conduct all of your market research before you publish your book. It can be a scary time but all of your fellow authors are here to help you through it.

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Why Is Working With An Editor Important In Book Publishing?

Writers have a mindset, a mindset where their writing is always perfect. This is the same for any kind of writer, including authors of books. This mindset makes every writer believe they should never pay to have anyone check their work as of course, it’s going to be 100% perfect. But, this is not the case, and every writer working within book publishing should consider working with an editor.

Working with an editor is not something that you should be ashamed of. It is something that most well-known writers do for some main reasons.

Working with an editor on your project allows your work to be 100% perfect. Editors have a skill that writers do not have. They have the skill of spotting tiny mistakes. Spelling and grammatical errors that may have become natural in your writing style. They will be able to correct these and help you rephrase some of your work to make more sense.

Working with an editor will be amazing for your book publishing project. Helping people to be more respectful of your completed work.

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What Not To Do When Self-Publishing A Book

Self-publishing a book is one way to get your book on the market. There are however a few things you must never do when self-publishing your book. Some of these include:

You should not design the cover for your book yourself. Unless you are extremely talented in illustrations. A self-designed book cover can be spotted from a mile away and put people off purchasing your book.

You should also not try to make your book look unique by using a different font. Book publishers tend to use the same fonts as they are easy to read. You should follow suit or your book will stand out for the wrong reasons.

Finally, you should never do it all on your own. Writing your book on your own is perfect. But you should encourage others to read your book before publishing as they may see mistakes you would never notice.

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A Beginners Guide To Publishing A Book

Publishing a book is the dream for any writing lover. But before you publish a book you must read our beginners guide to ensure you are fully prepared.

Before you publish your book it is important that you first have your book written. But, that you have also had your book proofread and checked for any errors to avoid these being found when the book is published.

Once your book is written and checked over, you will be able to think about choosing a suitable name and designing a suitable front cover and any other illustrations needed.

Now your book is complete, you will need to decide if you would like to self publish or using an agent and publishing company. The choice between these is entirely up to you, but self-publishing will put your book on the market faster. To continue with your publishing journey, follow our upcoming guides on the different publishing methods.