Why Are Book Reviews Important For An Author?

Whether you are self-published or published through an agency, it is extremely important that you gain as many honest reviews on your book as possible for a few main reasons.

One of the main reasons why you need to gain reviews on your book/s is for your own reputation. Building a reputation as an author can be challenging, as you can not really make a social media presence for a writing process. The best way to build your reputation is through reviews of your book. These reviews will help you to gain a following, it will help more people become interested in your work.

Another reason why you need reviews on your books, more so if you are self-published through Amazon, is so people can understand what your book is like. When purchasing books online people like to see what other people are thinking about a book, this can help them to decide if the purchase is worth their money or not.


Should I Attend An Author Event?

As an Author, you have likely heard about author events, if not then you have come to the right place to learn all about them.

There are a lot of different places that you can go to author events. For example, you can speak to local schools to talk to and inspire children. You can also attend pre-arranged Literary events to showcase your own book/s.

So, why should any author attend an author event?

One of the main reasons we believe every author should attend these events is to get their name out there. As a new author, it can be difficult to get your book seen, to get people interested and to gain sales. An author event is a great place to show your face and get yourself known. It will help you to build a background for your career.

Author events may also gain you the opportunity to make sales. Not every author event is about sales, but some people may ask about ordering your book. This is a great way to make generic sales with people who are interested in you, your journey, and your idea.

Not only are they great for making background and getting yourself known, but they are also good for inspiration. If you are going to schools for talks, you are likely going to inspire so many young people. Helping them to realise and achieve their dreams.

To attend an author event you do not even need to have your book published and printed. As long as you have something to show for your book, something to talk about, you are ready to go. You may even gain preorder sales which will be amazing for new authors.

There is no reason why you should attend an author event. Get your name out there and just have a great time.


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